Riverbend House at Bambu Indah

Riverbend House at Bambu Indah by IBUKU

We created Riverbend House as the first two bedroom structure at Bambu Indah- perfect for families and friends traveling together. It has a beautiful living room and kitchen with a view of the Ayung River in Bali, Indonesia.

This structure and position follows the shape of the river, but during the setting out process, and when we decided to add another room, it mysteriously got nudged downstream a little. But we think that’s appropriate for the river setting!

IBUKU Bambu Indah Riverbend House

The challenge with Riverbend was to make an unusual feeling structure that seemed more like a nest than a house. This way of using the beams to cross each other is technically a gridshell system and it’s the first time we’ve done this in a home.

Riverbend House at Bambu Indah in Bali

We also had to make sure it could be totally enclosed and air-conditioned, in part due to the wild location. The window frames let us hind the vertical beams which hold the space up. We actually only touch down at the bank, left and right, leaving all the front open. This space really needed more than 190 degree view, so we have a 220 degree view here. That view didn’t need to be a picture perfect clear glass view though- it works really well to be picked up and scattered across the way. Scattering the view also means we didn’t need to do a horizontal rail which would have broken the outlook of the river. So we staggered the windows, their height, width and position to play with that.

Riverbend House at Bambu Indah by IBUKU