The Arc is IBUKU’s crown jewel. It was completed for the world renowned Green School in Bali, Indonesia in 2021.

The first building of its kind ever made, the Arc at Green School is a series of bamboo arches spanning 19 meters, interconnected by anticlastic gridshells which derive their strength from curving in two directions.

The Arc is a feat of engineering; it required months of research and development and fine tuning of tailor-made details.

After Green School made the choice to commission a completely unprecedented structure, the IBUKU team was creative and stubborn enough to research and develop the answers needed for the success of the project.


For months we tested, worked with Atelier One for engineering, codified raw data, and brought in various collaborators to ensure the building’s success. The result is a refined design with unparalleled beauty, which stands as a testament to IBUKU’s ability to create an extraordinary structure, inspired by nature and made with extreme technical precision.


  • Construction by: PT Bamboo Pure Bali
  • Support by: John Hardy
  • Concept by: Jörg Stamm
  • Engineering by: Atelier One
  • Local engineering by: Ketut Yasa Bagiarta
  • Safety Advice: Luis Felipe-Lopez at INBAR
  Sibang, Bali
  Green School
  760 sqm
  Earth Day, 2021