The Sundy Praia Beach Resort Restaurant stands in the jungles of Principe Island.

In 2017 Bamboo Pure's team of Balinese artisan builders and supervising engineers made the journey to the West coast of Africa to build the structure entirely from bamboo according to the concept conceived by Architect D.L.2.A. It was an exciting challenge for us at IBUKU to collaborate with the French project architect Quentin Lefort, utilizing our knowledge to adapt bamboo to his form and design. Working closely with  D.L.2.A and Bamboo Pure, we solved construction detailing, prefabrication, and shipping logistics together. Many elements were pre-built in Bali and shipped ahead of time to be assembled onsite.

The structure has a unique form, with a curving A-frame system, repeating while diminishing in size and curving in plan towards the back, playing with scale and resulting in both spacious and intimate interior views in D.L.2.A's Interior Design.


We aspire in the future to be part of a movement that encourages the use of local industries of bamboo treatment and craftsmanship around the world,  empowering local communities to use this incredible material. Our team of skilled Balinese carpenters proudly carry the IBUKU and Bamboo Pure names into new regions, along with the offerings that they bring to each site where they work. We feel they are carrying the magic dust of Bali, which has been at the core of our inspiration.

Our Collaborators
Project Architect & Interior Architect: D.L.2.A
Construction: Bamboo Pure
Engineering: Ir. Ashar Saputra, S.T., M.T., Ph.D.,IPM., ASEAN. Eng.
  Sao Tome Principe Republic
  Sundy Praia Beach Resort
  150 sqm
  April 2017