World Bamboo Day

Bamboo Talks & Walks – Elora Hardy & Kate Druhan
“There’s nothing more beautiful than the most beautiful forest in the world. But we can’t underestimate what it does to the human mind to recognize a space that humans created, which still feels tied back to nature. That’s where the magic happens; when you realize the mix of sustainability, of human design and intention, and of a natural connection” – Elora Hardy, IBUKU Studio
Last week, we celebrated World Bamboo Day with Elora Hardy, founder of Ibuku Studio & creative vision behind some of our learning spaces, and Head of Community and Environment, Kate Druhan. Walking through our wall-less and nature-immersed bamboo campus, Elora & Kate show some of Green School Bali’s magical learning environment and share stories on the Green School journey.

Publication September 2020

Watch here

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