Sharma Spring top floor.

The world that evolved inside of IBUKU’s homes

We have been designing furniture for each of our homes and structures for as long as we have been building them, striving to express bamboo’s strength, celebrate its uniqueness, and to complete the feeling our homes give, of being both inspired and at ease.

From the simplest shelves that merge with or play off of the architecture, to elaborate curving seating that comes to define the space, each item belonged exclusively in the place it was designed for.

Until now.

We have finally looked back through our archives to find our favorites—those designs which will shine juxtaposed against a varied palette. This collection brings a taste of our world into yours.

The collection we bring you is warm and tactile, perfect for people who want to reconnect with a natural touch within their homes. Even if your home isn’t centered around that focus, IBUKU’s furniture brings a touch of nature and craftsmanship into any space.

If you would like to see more, including measurements and prices, download our full furniture catalogue. If you are looking into furnishing your next interior design project, email us at, as we welcome orders for overseas at a minimum retail value.

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