The smallest cuts — Behind the simplicity

One of the special things about this clock is that we used the intact slices of tiny bamboo to form the circular elements of the numbers. For example, the six has a circle in it, so we find the smallest piece of bamboo and slice it across. The little curving arm is made of another cross section cut in half. Instead of chopping the bamboo up completely to bend it to our imaginations, we give it the chance to lead us along it’s path of least resistance, somewhere we wouldn’t have thought up on our own.


We love the simplicity of using bamboo or any material in its original form.

If we use a slice of stone for a countertop, we’ll leave the ‘crust’ on. We take advantage of the fact bamboo is round and use that to create a new font. Instead of inventing our own six, we see how bamboo does six, or how it does twelve.

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