Holding Up the Ladder

Elora Hardy – It’s not going to look the way people imagine because it hasn’t been imagined yet
Talking about the future – about creating a world we haven’t yet seen and a future that hasn’t yet been imagined. We’re talking about outside the box thinking, dreaming, playing, experimenting. I’m talking AI, living on Mars, the Elon Musks, the Will. I. Ams, my guest earlier this season, Beatie Wolfe who uses technology to push what’s possible in our musical experiences (she sent her music to space, and has contributed to pioneering Dementia research). At times they may seem eccentric to us but actually there’s something they’ve tapped into that we haven’t understood yet – what’s that phrase, ‘it seems impossible until it’s done’.

And in the realm of sustainability and renewable materials in architecture and design there’s my guest today, Elora Hardy who is pushing the realms of possibility with bamboo.

I first learnt about Elora Hardy and the work she does with design and architecture firm she founded IBUKU on Apple TV series Home – these breathtaking, otherworldly cities made entirely out of bamboo.

Publication January 2021

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