Cove Pavilion

In 2022 we were commissioned to design a very special project located at Kura Kura Island called The Cove Pavilion.

The building was prepared for a constellation of lanterns by 20 artists from around the world in connection with the G20 Summit. This dynamic 150 sqm circular building was where guests arriving by boat were welcomed, and key events were held. It accommodates sixteen people if seated in a circle, or 40 chairs, or 18 yoga mats (alter as needed based on what the use will be).

Imagine a mother turtle who has journeyed through the waves and along the beach to lay her eggs. She finds a safe and comfortable place and begins to dig, nestling herself partly into the sand. The moonlight glints on the gentle curves of her shell, smooth as calm waves. As the sun begins to rise, she lays her final egg and the time comes for her to return to the ocean.

Our pavilion remembers the moment she spent at rest in the perfect orientation, its shell-shape roof arching above, keeping the floor free of columns. The roof lifts to allow breeze to flow through and diffused light to enter, while its edges ripples upwards to reveal views of the ocean, mountain Agung, and the first rays of morning light.

Credit :
Structure built by : Bamboo Pure
Design by : IBUKU


Watch here for complete video

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