Architectural Digest Embraces Bamboo

It is an honor to have our beloved Ananda House make its debut in the esteemed Architectural Digest USA (May 2017) as a 10-page feature story. To share the story of our journey with David and then to hear how the home makes him and his family feel has been a dream for us.

“This home has changed our lives. We all have somewhere special to meet now, something we helped create. My grandchildren will grow up with a unique legacy that will broaden and enhance their appreciation of the world.”
—David Hornblow, Ananda House Owner

Ananda, the Hornblows’ holiday home, where the family reunites at least twice a year, is the perfect manifestation of this collaborative process. Sited on a steeply sloping plot, the property comprises three individual prow-shaped pavilions… surrounded by lush gardens of tropical orchids, galangal, and papaya trees. The unusual plan preserves a corridor of four towering black palm trees. “The underlying foundation of Ibuku is to design buildings to the environment,” notes David.

“With the client and IBUKU’s architects, model makers, and craftsmen, there’s an entire dialogue that unfolds when we create these houses.”
—Elora Hardy, IBUKU Founder

Delighted to not only have ONE, but TWO stories in Architectural Digest this month.

Elora worked with her father John Hardy to create two new rooms at Bambu Indah—Moon House and Copper House, which Architectural Digest calls the most exotic hotel in the world.

“The Moon House resembles a soaring crescent-shaped basket, its otherworldly form typical of the company’s creativity and technical prowess. The Copper House echoes this curvilinear silhouette with a bamboo roof wrapped in tin copper.”

Of the new houses, John explains: “We looked at the view and it was sublime. But how do you build without blocking the view? So we left them open and built a netted sleeping arrangement so there would be the possibility of privacy and safety. I like to call one of them the Love Nest, and the other is called the Moon House because there’s a beautiful copper bathtub in the garden for moonlight bathing.”

These houses at Bambu Indah can be shared, people can plan and stay in them. We just love that more of you will get to experience them compared to the private homes we have built.

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