Pondok at Green Village

The Pondok structure was designed as a one bedroom studio-style pavilion with a light filled tunnel connecting the bedroom to the enclosed bathroom. Featuring the classic IBUKU oval doors, slices of bamboo and paper walls, and bespoke IBUKU furniture. Location: Sibang Gede, Bali Client: Individual Site…

Gazebo, Los Angeles

A client fell in love with the idea of taking a piece of Bali back to his home in Los Angeles, so we created this beautiful gazebo for him which now overlooks the hills of L.A.

IBUKU yurt pavilion

Yurt at Green Village

This structure is a creative interpretation of the traditional mongolian yurt. It follows the same engineering principles but is re-imagined in Bamboo for a tropical environment. It has a raised floor, open basket-like walls and a tall bamboo roof. A perfect guest house, a private…