Minang Guesthouse at Green Village

Minang Guest House at Green Village

The guest house of the Garden House, the Minang structure follows a similar architectural vocabulary. It has an elegant Minangkabau roof with an open air bedroom. The pool is jumping distance from the bed. Location: Sibang Gede, Bali Client: Individual Site Area: 30  sqm

Minang House at Bambu Indah

Minang House at Bambu Indah

The Minang House reflects the exact proportions of a Sumatran clan house. Traditionally made out of rainforest timber, this Minang House, built for the Bambu Indah Hotel, was constructed entirely from black bamboo. It serves as a multi-purpose hall where guests enjoy special dinners, relaxed…

Millennium Bridge at Green School

The Millennium Bridge is a testament to the strength of bamboo. It is the largest bamboo bridge in Asia, with a span of 23 meters and an impressive Minangkabau inspired roof. It stands as an outstanding example of what is possible when architects, engineers, designers,…