Sundy Praia Beach Resort Restaurant, Principe Island

In 2017 our team left Bali for the island of Principe, off the coast of West Africa, to build a restaurant structure using bamboo. It was an interesting challenge for us to collaborate with the French project architect’s design, to refine his shapes and concept for bamboo for a restaurant in Sundy Praia Beach Resort. We worked together to solve construction detailing, pre-fabrication, and shipping logistics. Many parts were pre-built in Bali and shipped ahead of time to be assembled onsite once our team landed.

The Sundy Praia Beach Resort Restaurant in Sao Tome & Principe is a single bamboo structure building that stands alone in the jungle, separated from the villa complex, meaning this bamboo building blends well with the surrounding environment. It has a unique shaped building with an A-frame repetition system with diminishing size towards the back, creating for an interesting interior restaurant view.


Location: Sao Tome Principe Republic
Client: Sundy Praia Beach Resort
Area: 150 sqm
Bamboo Material: Petung Bamboo, Tali Bamboo, Lidi Bamboo
Other Material: Palmex Aloha Bora Bora Leaves Roof Cover
Build Time: 2 months
Completion: April 2017

We aspire in the future to be able to use local bamboo, to help establish a local industry of bamboo treatment and craftsmanship, and to empower local communities around the world to use this incredible material. Our team of skilled Balinese carpenters feel they are carrying the IBUKU name into new parts of the world. We feel they are carrying the magic dust of Bali, which has been at the core of our inspiration.

Sundy Praia Beach Resort Restaurant Sundy Praia Beach Resort Restaurant Sundy Praia Beach Resort Restaurant