Sokasi Cooking School, Four Seasons Sayan Bali


In collaboration with Four Seasons Sayan, we recently completed the Sokasi Cooking School on the bank of the Ayung River in Sayan, Bali, a sister structure to the Yoga Pavilion we created for them a few years ago. Bamboo is such a natural fit for a Balinese cooking school as Balinese people have a long tradition of using bamboo utensils and bamboo (sate sticks, rice steamers, in the ovens) in the cooking process.

“For Sokasi we put the spotlight onto ‘bambu tali’ (gigantochloa apus) as the structural material because this species of bamboo is constantly used in daily life and crucial to every Balinese ceremony or event—used for shade structures, as a rope material, to create satay sticks and rice baskets. I would describe this building as the harmony of two elements: sustainable architecture and Balinese culinary wisdom.”

—Eka Wiradana, Sokasi Project Architect, IBUKU

Sokasi Cooking School Four Seasons Bali


Location : Sayan, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Area : 47 sqm (building area)
Structure system : Arches
Bamboo material : Bambu tali & pelupuh
Other material : Andesit stone & Jember stone

“The Sokasi roof form resembles a dry leaf that has begun to curl, providing a space for us under its cover. The structure of the building reminds us of the elegant bones of a leaf.”

—Agung Budi Raharsa, IBUKU Senior Architect

Sokasi Cooking School Four Seasons Bali