Sharma Springs Gardens

The Sharma Springs gardens surround a six-story bamboo building inspired by the shape of a lotus. The estate spans over an area of 25000 m2, extending from the road to the edge of the river. Pathways and gardens follow the contours of the land. ‘No dig gardens’ have been implemented to build soil on top of the existing clay base. Local organic matter is reused from the site to improve the soil. Keyhole garden beds, banana, papaya circles and vertical living retaining walls with garden beds on top are all space saving Permaculture design aspects. The whole site is covered with plants and heavily mulched to reduce the negative impact of tropical rainfall and sun exposure on soil fertility.

Living fences along the south and north boundaries provide chop and drop nitrogen sources for soil fertility. Bio-mass plants such as lemon grass and vetiver grass have been designed into the garden system to limit the importation of any further soil or mulching materials after the initial build of the garden. A worm farm provides vermicastings, liquid fertilizer and beneficial microbes to enhance soil fertility.The hardscape elements on the Sharma Springs landscape have been chosen from local materials found in Bali and Java. The forms follow design cues from the architecture and landform while remaining functional and practical.