We create more than beautiful structures. We work with visionary people to imagine a new way of living gracefully within nature.

At IBUKU we aspire to create homes that balance the beauty and features of the landscape with the people who will live upon it. In designing homes we look at the movement and flow of people through a space, the ways they need to be sheltered and the ways they connect to their environment. We do this by designing fully functional homes, interiors and furniture that are made of natural materials and are built in ways that integrate with their context.

Over the last 7 years we have built 22 homes for people who value high quality craftsmanship, embrace innovative design, are socially and environmentally aware, and crave a connection to nature.

Ananda has changed our lives. We all have somewhere special to meet now, something we helped create. Somewhere where we feel special. Somewhere that feels special to us. My grandchildren will grow up with a unique legacy that will broaden and enhance their appreciation and understanding of this beautiful island, its culture and its people. My friends wish they had the courage to take bold steps and venture round unknown corners. I can’t make them go, but they love to experience Ananda…and we love to share it.

David Hornblow, Ananda House



Initial contact
In an initial conversation we’ll define design and build requirements with you including space, site, size, location and any key features such as landscaping, material palettes, while estimating budget and timing. This conversation can happen onsite, in-person at our office in Bali or over Skype, telephone or email.


Our masterplanning has uncovered possibilities and opportunities for landowners, which may not have been considered. This is an inherent part of our process which helps our clients realise the potential of their site, prioritising permaculture and landscape aspects of the process.

Concept Design

At IBUKU, we prefer to design on the land, for the land. We consider every aspect, from the flow of the wind over the site, to the angles of the sun throughout the day and how they’ll interplay with each space.

Working with you, we interpret who will use each area of the home, how they like to move through a space. We design a flow from room to room that connects with the most inspiring structural forms, that fit with the land.

Early on we construct temporary platforms and walkways across the site, wherever possible, building a satellite design office to work from, and later tracing the shape of roofs with light-weight bamboo frameworks, drawing in the air.

We develop the design at 1:100 or 1:50 scale by making a bamboo sketch model using sticks of bamboo to capture the form. The dialogue continues with the land and landowner until we capture the fullest possibility for the site, delivering it as a series of drawings, detailed sketches and bamboo scaled models.

Design Development

As we develop the concept into a detailed design we finalize all technical and construction aspects, preparing a Tender Package for construction. The bamboo structural blueprint is delivered as a 1:100 or 1:50 scale model where bamboo sticks represent each column, beam and bundle, each scaled with diameters corresponding to the desired bamboo type and supplemented with detailed drawings.

Our interior architectural design and custom furnishings are integral to the structural design and are developed in parallel. Costings and logistics are analyzed, and we coordinate with consultants, where needed, for key expertise.

IBUKU are well versed in designing and building with bamboo in climates similar to Bali and broader Southeast Asia, construction in cooler climates will require further consultation and consideration.

Contract Documentation

IBUKU collates contracts with vendors providing other aspects including the development including landscaping, additional interior features, furniture, pool and other complementary vendor items.

Construction on Site

Once all planning is finalised and agreed upon, construction commences with our skilled bamboo builders and craftsmen from PT Bamboo Pure. Our architects and designers follow-up with site inspections and co-ordinate with clients for site visits as needed. 

For construction outside Bali, we will ascertain early on if there is a bamboo industry or skilled tradespeople in the region, or harvestable bamboo and treatment facilities and plan accordingly.

Next Steps/Contact

If you’re planning a new building, or thinking of revitalising your space contact

We’ll often ask the following questions in our initial communications:

– site location/Google drop pin

– project brief/mood board

– topographical survey/soil tests, if available

– photographs of the site and surrounding areas

– timeline

– project budget.


The few times I have been away from my bamboo home for long periods and I place my foot on the bamboo inside my revolving tear drop door, my whole body goes ahhhh. The feel of bamboo under my feet is the most incredible thing and was really the best part of going away.

When we moved here four years ago, I was in awe with the design of these homes. It was like nothing I had ever experienced. Living in spaces open to nature, who needs art work or TV? The canvas is ever changing. It has transformed me slowly over time and I don’t want to ever go back to living in a box. We all could use a reconnection with nature. We were made to live with nature. How many places can you wake up every day and just say thank you! My friends love it, hey want to move in. Who wouldn’t?

Paula, Tower House