IBUKU offers design service for individuals and companies in Indonesia and overseas.

IBUKU’s design style has evolved in Bali’s tropical climate, making it ideal for similar environments suited to a combination of our open air pavilions and air-conditioned enclosed spaces. We currently welcome inquiries for projects on Bali and some other tropical regions.

We are innovative to the core, so we are open to incorporating bamboo elements within buildings located in more  extreme temperatures: hot or cold.  If your site is outside of the tropical band, we ask that you first start a conversation with a local design firm with expertise in sustainable construction for your climate, and then approach us to develop key bamboo elements. We could collaborate to provide interior structural elements, interior design, or furniture. A recent example is TRi restaurant in Hong Kong. A sampling of our furniture is online at
To be sure that our bamboo structures will be permitted in your area, first ask your local council if bamboo structures are accepted by the local bylaws and codes. These vary widely and regulate: structure size, use of space, and often much more. So make sure to inquire specifically. 
IBUKU pricing estimates are based on Bali. Overseas building budgets vary on many factors, including: level of design, location, terrain, transportation of materials, as well as travel and accommodations for our craftsmen and design team. We carefully consider the challenge of each project so that we can continue to our standards of quality and excellence.
If your physical and government climates are both warm as outlined above, then we would be excited to take the next steps to design for you.  




We go above and beyond to ensure that our products are sourced, designed, and crafted with the highest standards from start to finish, because we know that social and environmental responsibility is fundamental to our value proposition. Rising consumer awareness of the environmental impact of buildings has led to an increased demand for sustainable products. As the market for clean technologies and materials continues to innovate, so will our products.

Our commitment to quality includes but is not limited to:

    We source from responsible local suppliers. We ensure that only mature bamboo poles are harvested, so that farmers have an incentive to allow younger bamboo shoots to grow to maturity for subsequent harvests.
    Our bamboo is washed with a naturally occurring salt solution that permanently prevents insect attacks. The material is so strong that it has the compressive force of concrete and the strength-to-weight ratio of steel.
    Bamboo reaches full maturity within just 3-4 years, compared to 20 or more years for hardwood. It has high carbon sequestration capacity, and its natural color and form bring together people and the environment.