Completed in 2022, Uma is a collaborative effort between IBUKU and Earth Lines Architects in Bali.

The 700 sqm (7500 sf) home includes 5 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, an underground tv room and a 2 bedroom staff quarters. It also features a 300 sqm (3200 sf) outdoor living area deck and a 75 sqm (800 sf)  pool.

Uma is quite different from the homes that IBUKU has designed in the past. The clients came to the table with a firm understanding of what style home they wanted, with straight clean lines of a more typical contemporary style. They did however still want the essence of the IBUKU’s intuitive design approach, so we focused on creating a home that would nestle into the site. The balanced palette of materials include polished cement, wood, steel, and and elegant black bamboo exposed roof structure.

  1557,8 sqm