In 2015 we were commissioned to design a very special project located in Sumba in eastern Indonesia.

Sumba is one of the most disadvantaged places in Indonesia. Inge from the Sumba Hospitality Foundation came to us with her vision for a way to help the island: building a hospitality school for local students in Sumba Barat Daya.

We believe the school will change many, many lives. This was our first project outside Bali, so it has been a logistical challenge, but it means a lot to the team because of the very special cause. It is close to our hearts because the students will be living and learning sustainably. The school is encouraging conscientious tourism while showcasing the potential of bamboo as one of the existing natural resources of Sumba.

We hope this bamboo campus will lead the students to question and realize that advancement/development does not have to mean stock standard stereotype concrete buildings. Bamboo and other traditional materials are future-proof.

  Sumba Barat Daya
  Sumba Hospitality Foundation