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BO Magazine

Op Bali neemt het verbluffende Sharma Springs van designcollectief IBUKU een loopje met zowat alles waar onze hedendaagse Westerse architectuur voor staat.

Luxury Magazine

The Balinese have practiced low-tech sustainability for centuries by building with bamboo. “Dendrocalamus asper grows plentiful thorough the river valleys and mountainsides of Indonesian Archipelago and beyond,” says architect Elora Hardy, IBUKU’s founder.

National Geographic

How do you build a future out of grass? On the Indonesian island of Bali, one organization has set out to do just that. IBUKU, an architecture and furniture design firm based outside of Denpasar, Bali’s capital, is using Dendrocalamus asper bamboo—or petung in Balinese—to…

Arch Daily

From the architect. Sharma Springs was designed for the Sharma family as a jungle fantasy escape. It is a 6-level, 4-bedroom 750sqm home overlooking the Ayung river valley, built almost entirely of bamboo. The entry to the house is via a dramatic tunnel-bridge that brings…

Ideas TED

Plunge into the deep Balinese jungle and you might suddenly find a bamboo building soaring above you. Made from the frankly unlikely building material, the ethereal structures are the brainchildren of designer Elora Hardy and her team at Ibuku.

Next Shark

Elora Hardy is the daughter of John Hardy, a successful jewelry designer from Canada. She was raised in Bali, Indonesia and spent 14 years of her life growing up in the United States. After receiving a degree in fine arts, she went to New York…


Elora Hardy and her team of designers, artisans, and builders at IBUKU are reimagining sustainable building, using one of nature’s strongest and most versatile materials.


The building was designed by Ibuku, a firm specializing in working with bamboo, and the structure uses only local product. Architect Eka Wiradana said, “Bamboo is yoga in architecture. As a material, it has a flexibility that mirrors the practice of yoga, and a beauty…


You’ve never seen buildings like this. The stunning bamboo homes built by Elora Hardy and her team in Bali twist, curve and surprise at every turn. They defy convention because the bamboo itself is so enigmatic.


The Indonesian firm IBUKU makes extravagant Avatar-like takes on tree houses out of cheap and plentiful bamboo. Not just any houses either, deluxe six story mansions perfect for a relaxing, sustainable vacation.


“There was a time when you could not be poor enough, or rural enough, to want to live in a bamboo house,” says IBUKU’s founder Elora Hardy.

CBC News

Imagine living in a luxurious home where everything from the walls to the stairs and furniture is made entirely of bamboo — in Vancouver.

The Globe and Mail

In architecture and design, tremendous solutions for the future can be found in history and the project’s specific place – in other words, what’s already there. That’s one of the compelling themes that emerged from this year’s TED Technology, Entertainment and Design) Conference in Vancouver…


Die Designerin Elora Hardy wuchs auf Bali auf. Nach einer Fashion-Karriere in New York kehrte sie auf die Insel im indischen Ozean zurück, um dort Häuser aus Bambus zu bauen. Eine Entscheidung, die der Umwelt gut tut – und Elora Manuel Gomes da Costa Auswandern,…

Food & Wine

A luxurious Indonesian eco-resort with new cooking classes is a beautiful experiment in sustainability, plus 4 more incredible places to rejuvenate on the breathtaking island of Bali.

Heart Media Singapore

As a leading hub for designers worldwide, Bali is the testing ground for the next big trend and the lab for the next big brand. Dewald Haynes explores the fields for what is to come.

Maxima Magazine Portugal

Maxima Portugal

Tudo é composto de mudança. Mas entre as novidades que o tempo traz, há as que vão à raiz dos problemas e os transformam. E mudam. Elora Hardy é exemplo disso. Deixou um futuro promissor em Nova Iorque para fundar, em Bali, a Ibuku, um…