CLAD Global coverage of the Hon RDI status awarded to Elora Hardy. Elora Hardy has been made an Honorary Royal Designer pioneering work in architectural design, in particular for the design and build of bamboo structures. Print publication, March 2020

Attitude Interior Design Magazine

IBUKU in Attitude Interior Design Magazine, January 2020 edition. The desire to create inspiring spaces and experiences, in perfect communion with nature, encouraged her to found the IBUKU architecture studio. Print Publication, January 2020

Two Degrees

“Elora Hardy, Founded IBUKU, a team of designers, architects and engineers who are developing a new design vocabulary for building (and designing furniture) with bamboo that works in harmony with nature.” Print Publication, November 2019

IBUKU in CNTraveler

“Built 14 years ago, this whimsical jungle compound remains a benchmark for sustainable construction, transforming light-on-the-land living—a wastewater garden, a vegetation-filtered pool—into an effortless communion with nature. One of the family’s latest wonders is the bamboo Aura house (shown) in the Green Village. Designed by…


The new age of bamboo construction is ushering in the transformation of the humble tropical plant from a decorative element to a sustainable structural material of the future.   IBUKU featured in habitusliving, April 2019 Online publication at April 2019

Elle Decor

IBUKU’s Eclipse House featured on the front page of Elle Decor. Bali Wood. Designer Elora Hardy makes inventive use of the Indonesian island’s ubiquitous building material – bamboo – for a three story villa perched on a slope in the heart of the jungle. Print…

Elle Indonesia

A feature on Aura House at Green Village in Elle Indonesia. Desain yang menjungjung tinggi sustainability ditawarkan oleh Elora Hardy, bersama IBUKU studio lewat pendekatan kekayaan alam Bali. Print Publication at April 2019

CLAD Global Online IBUKU interview

IBUKU – John Hardy & Elora Hardy interview with CLAD Global Online. The creator of the Green Village in Bali and his daughter tell Magali Robathan how their bamboo, nature-inspired homes are changing the way we view the places we live. Father and daughter bamboo…

Bambu Indah by IBUKU in Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest USA

The new rooms at Bambu Indah designed by IBUKU were featured by Architectural Digest. The Moon and Copper houses, the newest structures on the compound, were conceived by Hardy and his daughter Elora, the creative director of Ibuku, a local architecture and design firm known…

IBUKU in Architectural Digest

Ananda House, created by IBUKU for the Hornblow family is in the May 2017 edition of Architectural Digest. Read more on the AD website. “It’s really important to me that we move beyond the bamboo-hut idea,” explains Elora, the creative director, emphasizing Ibuku’s integration of…

IBUKU on Cover Clad Mag

Clad Mag

When Elora Hardy was a little girl growing up in Bali, her mother asked her to draw a picture of her dream home. She drew a fairy mushroom house. But rather than simply putting the drawing on the wall, her mother went a step further:…

Architectural Digest Online

Ananda House, designed by IBUKU for the Hornblow family, was featured in the May 2017 edition of Architectural Digest. “Building this home has been a cultural and creative journey,” says David, who fostered close ties with the local craftsmen who worked on the house. He…

Financial Times

“It’s five times the tensile strength of steel,” according to John Hardy, the sarong-clad Canadian jeweller turned bamboo evangelist, who would extol the virtues of this tropical grass to anyone like me who joined him on early morning walks from his sprawling compound along the…


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BO Magazine

Op Bali neemt het verbluffende Sharma Springs van designcollectief IBUKU een loopje met zowat alles waar onze hedendaagse Westerse architectuur voor staat.

Luxury Magazine

The Balinese have practiced low-tech sustainability for centuries by building with bamboo. “Dendrocalamus asper grows plentiful thorough the river valleys and mountainsides of Indonesian Archipelago and beyond,” says architect Elora Hardy, IBUKU’s founder.

National Geographic

How do you build a future out of grass? On the Indonesian island of Bali, one organization has set out to do just that. IBUKU, an architecture and furniture design firm based outside of Denpasar, Bali’s capital, is using Dendrocalamus asper bamboo—or petung in Balinese—to…