Spa at Permata Ayung Estate

Spa at Permata Ayung

An all-bamboo riverside spa built on land that harnesses a range of energies, from the constant flow of the river to the energy of the property itself.

Spa at Permata Ayung

Location: Bongkasa, Bali
Client: Individual
Site Area: 875 sqm
Floor Area: 120 sqm
Build Time: 5 Months
Completion: September 2014


A special feature of the spa is the massage pod suspended above the river on cables. “It meant a lot to me to have the chance to design on the Ayung River. I grew up on its banks and always found a sense of magic there. This site was set between the river’s edge and a five meter cliff with water pouring down it. If you are going to be on the river, then you should really experience the river and feel the water – so we also suspended a teardrop on cables above the Ayung. A place for a chat, to spill your secrets over the river with your favorite travel companion,” explained Elora Hardy.

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