Green School Garden Development

Imagine a school, an organic market garden, and an abundant food forest all spiraling into one fabulous institution. This project focused on taking the Green School garden to the next level. Since its inception Green School has been growing food as part of its mission to be green, but recently it has been facing some challenges. These included: insufficient landscape design and planning, low garden staff moral, and decreased soil fertility.

Our goal was to provide Green School with the tools, knowledge and infrastructure needed to become a highly productive landscape that adds value to the school on multiple levels. To provide an excellent environment for children to learn, to produce more food, and to ensure that the landscape was managed sustainably. To reach these objectives IBUKU Gardens carried out a comprehensive site analysis, created a master planning document for the landscape, held regular educational work parties with the garden team, reformed the garden management system, and instituted new practices based on permaculture and our core values. We also designed and built multiple structures including a new compost center, nursery and chicken house.