Creating a riverside spa in Bali

“​It meant a lot to me to​ have the chance to​ design on ​the Ayung River. I ​grew up on its banks and always ​found a sense of ​magic there. This site was set between the river’s edge and five meter cliff with water pouring down it.​ ​I​t was ​to be ​a spa​ surrounded by water​. ​If you are going to be on the river, then you should really experience the river and feel the water​ – so we also suspended ​a teardrop ​on cables above the ​Ayung​.”



It became a place for a chat, to spill your secrets over the river with your favorite travel companion.​

​We first encountered Permata Ayung o​ne day on a walk​ in the valley​, and eventually​ met the people behind it and became friends. It turns out they ​had been ​​inspired by Bambu Indah and even though the owner’s style uses a whole different palate, he set aside this little space for us to make a bamboo jewel of a spa. It became its​​ own​ small​ ​world with​in​ the Permata Ayung Estate.”​

Elora Hardy on the spa at Permata Ayung Private Estate
Designed and created by IBUKU

Spa at Permata Ayung