Careers and Internships

Job Openings: Senior Architect, Architect, Site Supervisor, Bamboo Artisans, Business Development Manager


Architect IBUKU Lowongan 2020

Bamboo Artisan IBUKU Lowongan 2020

Business Development Manager IBUKU Lowongan 2020

Lead Architect IBUKU Lowongan 2020

Site Supervisor IBUKU Lowongan 2020

IBUKU is a Bali-based, design-build firm seeking a team members to execute some of the world’s most inventive, exciting buildings—a world leader in bamboo building with an enthusiastic team who thrives at the cutting edge of elegant living within nature.

IBUKU is growing and is pursuing larger format initiatives, including hotels, resorts and mixed-use opportunities.

Requirements & How to Apply:

Please download each job listing for the description and how to apply.



With Indonesia’s new labor regulations, IBUKU is not able to accept interns or volunteers from overseas.

The best way to experience our world and have an immersive learning experience in bamboo is by joining Bamboo U(niversity)—our design and building workshop in Bali hosted by the Kul Kul Farm at the Green School.