Project Inquiries

The IBUKU Design Process

IBUKU creates elegant living and commercial spaces inspired by nature. We offer design and construction services for individuals and companies in Indonesia and overseas. With structures featured in Architectural Digest and a feature TED Talk, IBUKU is most known for shattering conventional building practices with its original use of sustainable materials, mainly bamboo.

If you are interested in building a house, please explore our process here.

If you are interested in developing a commercial property, please take a look at our services.

IBUKU’s design style has evolved in Bali’s tropical climate, making it ideal for similar environments suited to a combination of our open air pavilions and air-conditioned enclosed spaces. We currently welcome inquiries for projects on Bali and some other tropical regions.

We are innovative to the core, so we are open to incorporating bamboo elements within buildings located in more extreme temperatures: hot or cold. If your site is outside of the tropical band, we ask that you first start a conversation with a local design firm with expertise in sustainable construction for your climate, and then approach us to develop key bamboo elements. We could collaborate to provide interior structural elements, interior design, or furniture.