Sumba House at Bambu Indah

Sumba House at Bambu Indah

A few years ago, on one of  John Hardy’s regular trips to Sumba, he fell in love with the traditional Sumba houses. He and his daughter, Elora, decided to replicate one using bamboo in Bali in the grounds of Bambu Indah, his hotel in Ubud. The…

IBUKU yurt pavilion

Yurt at Green Village

This structure is a creative interpretation of the traditional mongolian yurt. It follows the same engineering principles but is re-imagined in Bamboo for a tropical environment. It has a raised floor, open basket-like walls and a tall bamboo roof. A perfect guest house, a private…

Star Lodge at Green Camp

Star Lodge at Green Camp

The Star Dorm was built for Green Camp, which offers short-term residential programs on the Green School campus. Our architecture team started the design process thinking about dorms the way most do, as a rectangle. Their goal was to maximize the number of beds at…

Minang House at Bambu Indah

Minang House at Bambu Indah

The Minang House reflects the exact proportions of a Sumatran clan house. Traditionally made out of rainforest timber, this Minang House, built for the Bambu Indah Hotel, was constructed entirely from black bamboo. It serves as a multi-purpose hall where guests enjoy special dinners, relaxed…

Mepantingan Auditorium at Green School

Mepantigan Auditorium at Green School

The Mepantigan Auditorium is a multipurpose event space at Green School. It is supported by two giant arches, that span across 15 meters. Inside it feels like being outside, but without the threat of inconvenient weather events. Location: Sibang Kaja, Bali Client: Green School Site…

Architectural Digest

The Indonesian island of Bali is often thought of as the quintessential tropical paradise. For Elora Hardy, it is also a place whose vernacular craft traditions and natural resources have inspired a model for a remarkably eco-friendly form of architecture.

Jakarta Post

Bamboo on the rise in Bali—it is an amazing and magical place in Sibang, a sustainably built village that redefines the concepts and parameters of bamboo.


It is a pleasure to introduce you to Elora Hardy, CEO and lead designer at IBUKU/PT Bamboo which is responsible for some of the most spectacular bamboo architecture ever created on this planet.

Green Village Residential Community

Green Village is a community of private homes on the Ayung River valley in Bali. Developed as an extension of the Green School community, it is a short walk from the Green School campus. Each of the twelve existing homes are unique and were custom designed…

Millennium Bridge at Green School

The Millennium Bridge is a testament to the strength of bamboo. It is the largest bamboo bridge in Asia, with a span of 23 meters and an impressive Minangkabau inspired roof. It stands as an outstanding example of what is possible when architects, engineers, designers,…

The Look

Eine Generation ökologischer Vordenker wird auf Bali ausgebildet. Green School nennt sich die Unterrichtsstätte, die jungen Menschen lehrt, wie man umweltbewusst lebt. Und nicht nur das.

Bali Expat

Elora Hardy was part of the first wave of expat kids growing up in Ubud in the 1980’s. Her creative parents would drop the little girl off with friendly craftsmen in various villages where she learned how to carve, paint and batik all sorts of…

Jakarta Globe

Those looking for a luxury abode that couples cutting-edge style and environmental sensibility should look no further than the Green Village, located 25 minutes outside the arts community of Ubud.


Dans la continuité de la Green School Bali, focus sur ce « Green Village » composé de 15 maisons, situé le long de la rivière Ayung à Bali. Imaginée par Donna Karan, l’ensemble du village est fortement basé sur les concepts de durabilité et de savoir-faire artisanal,…

Honestly Wtf

Green Village, founded by jewellery designer John Hardy and designed by his daughter Elora, is a community of sustainable and ecological houses sitting along the Ayung River in Bali. Each of the homes are made entirely of bamboo, from Bali-based bamboo and construction company Ibuku, from the…


Designed by IBUKU, the Green Village is a neighbourhood of beautiful bamboo houses in Bali. Built in much the same way as the nearby Green School, the unique homes are constructed around radial clusters of bamboo columns to which bamboo tile and a thatched canopy…

Vogue USA

If you build it—former textile designer, Elora Hardy sets her sights on eco-friendly bamboo structures built by local artisans in Bali.

Jakarta Globe

Strong, light and cheaper than steel poles, bamboo is ubiquitous across Asia as scaffolding. So much so that in recognition of the material’s versability, the Indonesian island of Bali has made an emblem of sustainable construction, replacing buildings of concrete and steel with far greener…


Green Village houses are constructed of a type of grass: bamboo, a remarkably renewable resource.