Our People

Founder & Director

Elora Hardy

Elora is the Founder and Creative Director of IBUKU. Raised in Bali, Elora was inspired by the highly skilled local craftsmen as well as her parents’ talented jewelry designs. She spent 14 years of her young adult life in the United States, where she received a degree in fine arts and went on to New York City to design prints for Donna Karan that would walk the world’s runways. In 2010, Elora left her successful career in the fashion world to carry on the incredible work of the design-build team that created the world-renowned Green School in Bali, founded by her father John Hardy. She reconnected with the culture and landscape that she loves and today continues to cultivate Balinese artisans alongside innovative designers and architects with the goal of making Bali a global center for sustainable design and bringing those designs to the rest of the world.


Architecture & Design Team

Defit Wijaya

Senior Architect at IBUKU and a member of the team since 2008, Defit appreciates the exciting and dynamic environment of working at IBUKU and being able to fully explore and develop his personal green and sustainable design approach.

Indriana Sukma Hayuningtyas

Tyas is our Interior Design & Furniture Team Leader since 2013 and is proud to be bringing Indonesia’s name to the world with our unique bamboo building and furniture. She has a special respect and appreciation for the IBUKU craftsmen, especially when they create an entire piece of furniture just from a rough sketch!