Sharma Springs

The crowning glory of all residential buildings designed by Ibuku. Sharma springs is the tallest bamboo structure built in Bali. The main building has six levels, four bedrooms, a spacious living room with an excellent view, and  a 15 meter long tunnel entrance.   The structure is supported by a central tower, which holds a smaller inner tower. The inner tower is the secret to its majestic height. The design was inspired by the petals of the lotus flower. Each room has a different theme based on the desires of the client. The property also includes: an entry building,  a guest house,  a storage cave, a  riverside yoga pavilion, an outdoor spa and a poolside barbecue all surrounded by beautiful permaculture gardens. The entire property was designed and constructed by Ibuku.

Location: Sibang Gede, Bali
Client: Individual
Site Area: 2602 sqm
Floor Area: 750  sqm
Construction Start: December 2011
Completion Date: December 2012