Bambu Indah

Fresh, organic, veggies are now in abundance at Bambu Indah. Guests have the opportunity to watch their food grow whilst enjoying a meal at the restaurant. We took the existing bio-intensive gardens and transformed them using permaculture principles. Ibuku Gardens worked with the hotel management to develop a system to account for the produce grown at the hotel. Most months the garden provides more direct value from garden yields than basic operational costs. The Gardeners are given up to 50% of this profit each month. It’s a step in the right direction for the gardeners, for organic food in Bali, and for the Bambu Indah’s ecological values.

The key to the success of this project was two fold: the first was educating the garden team in basic permaculture principles, and the second was building a good waste management system. At the heart of this Garden is the Compost center. Good compost improves the soil and allows for the growth of organic vegetables. All of Bamboo Indah’s organic waste is composted and used in the garden. Every year we add more than we take to the garden. This leads to long-term soil health. Ibuku Gardens also designed a leaf shaped seedling- shed for Bamboo Indah, its recycled windshield roof is another great example of how to take waste and turn it into value.