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Job Opening: Head of Business Development

The Head of Business Development will manage the entire IBUKU sales pipeline and will be responsible for identifying and closing new business opportunities.

A successful candidate will be entrepreneurial in nature, able to authentically represent the IBUKU brand, and be comfortable working with a wide range of people from a variety of cultures. They must also be willing (and excited) to work in an open air office (re: no air conditioning) built from bamboo. While individuals experienced in architecture or bespoke construction are at an advantage, the ability to quickly move up the learning curve is most important.

Manage routine sales operations
– Generate leads and manage income leads
– Prioritize leads and progress them through the sales process
– Work with the rest of the IBUKU team to get the right information to the client
– Negotiate new project parameters
–Manage overall client relations

Develop strategic business development opportunities
– Help articulate key strategic opportunities
– Identify target clients and develop a strategy to proactively find and target these clients
– Network to develop important relationships, including real estate professionals, developers, boutique hospitality owners/operators, etc.

– Amazing track record of high value sales experience
– Bali-based (or aspiring)
– Excellent interpersonal, oral, and written communication skills
– At ease entertaining royalty and high end prospects
– Poetic in English

– Experience in contract negotiation
– Master’s in Business Administration

The salary will range based on candidate’s relevant experience and global market rates. A mix of salary, commission, & equity are available to be negotiated.

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With Indonesia’s new regulations, IBUKU is not able to accept interns or volunteers from overseas. To put forward your interest in case of future possibilities, write to

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