Sharma Springs Residence

The crowning glory of all residential buildings designed by IBUKU. Sharma Springs is the tallest bamboo structure built in Bali. The main building has six levels, four bedrooms, a spacious living room with an excellent view, and a 15 meter long tunnel entrance. The structure…

Ananda House at Green Village

Ananda House at Green Village

Ananda House was featured in the May 2017 edition of Architectural Digest. Built for David Hornblow and his family, Ananda House consists of three delicate multi-level structures, perched like birds on the terraced slope. Elegant structural fan-beams extend up to four levels and curving leaf- shaped roofs sweep…

TRi Restaurant in Hong Kong

TRi Restaurant

TRi Restaurant in Hong Kong captures the pure essence of Bali in a unique dining experience focused on Balinese flavors. TRi has been brought to life by the Le Comptoir team with interior design by IBUKU. Location: The Pulse Shopping Mall, Repulse Bay, Hongkong Client: Le…

Leaf House at Green Village

Leaf House at Green Village

Leaf House is a private home located in Green Village Bali. Location: Sibang Gede, Bali Client: Individual Site Area: 1387 sqm Floor Area: 272 sqm Build Time: 10 Months Completion: December 2014

Farm to Table

Farm to Table Restaurant is permaculture garden and farm-to-table high end restaurant in Ubud, Bali. On 38 are (1 acre) of prime real estate in the center of Ubud’s hip Penestanan village.  

Spa at Permata Ayung

Spa at Permata Ayung Estate

An all-bamboo riverside spa built on land that harnesses a range of energies, from the constant flow of the river to the energy of the property itself. Location: Bongkasa, Bali Client: Individual Site Area: 875 sqm Floor Area: 120 sqm Build Time: 5 Months Completion:…

“Concept for a Surf Destinantion, Sumbawa”

We collaborated with a US architect on this resort designed to be a destination for the more senior surfers and their families in tow on holiday. A hollistic experience of surfing in Sumbawa beach with meditation and yoga/ chigong exercise.

Fours Seasons Yoga Pavilion by IBUKU

Yoga Pavilion at Four Seasons

The yoga pavilion was a bespoke design, conceived specifically for the location, for the purpose. Preliminary design work was done on the site: sketching, measuring the sun path, and imagining the experience of the space at various times of day. The design team even took…

“Concept for an Eco Resort, Sumba”

This resort combines Sumba traditional cultural experience with a sustainable eco living approach. The development has been masterplanned to be built in phases and is a combination of local inspired designed buildings and eco friendly methods of operating.

Bambu Indah by IBUKU in Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest USA

The new rooms at Bambu Indah designed by IBUKU were featured by Architectural Digest. The Moon and Copper houses, the newest structures on the compound, were conceived by Hardy and his daughter Elora, the creative director of Ibuku, a local architecture and design firm known…

IBUKU in Architectural Digest

Ananda House, created by IBUKU for the Hornblow family is in the May 2017 edition of Architectural Digest. Read more on the AD website. “It’s really important to me that we move beyond the bamboo-hut idea,” explains Elora, the creative director, emphasizing Ibuku’s integration of…

IBUKU on Cover Clad Mag

Clad Mag

When Elora Hardy was a little girl growing up in Bali, her mother asked her to draw a picture of her dream home. She drew a fairy mushroom house. But rather than simply putting the drawing on the wall, her mother went a step further:…

Architectural Digest online

Ananda House, designed by IBUKU for the Hornblow family, was featured in the May 2017 edition of Architectural Digest. “Building this home has been a cultural and creative journey,” says David, who fostered close ties with the local craftsmen who worked on the house. He…

Moon House at Bambu Indah

Moon house is a house for those wanting to have a direct experience with nature. A crescent-shaped house with a view of the Ayung river and fresh nature. Surrounded by the sound of running water feeding the natural swimming pond and delicious organic permaculture gardens…

Sumba Hospitality Foundation School

In 2015 we were commissioned to design a very special project located in Sumba in eastern Indonesia. Sumba is one of the most disadvantaged places in Indonesia. Inge from the Sumba Hospitality Foundation came to us with her vision for a way to help the…

Financial Times

“It’s five times the tensile strength of steel,” according to John Hardy, the sarong-clad Canadian jeweller turned bamboo evangelist, who would extol the virtues of this tropical grass to anyone like me who joined him on early morning walks from his sprawling compound along the…