The Process

The Process01HARVEST
Our bamboo is carefully selected from the river valleys and mountains of Bali and Java. We harvest from clumps that, once established, grow a new generation of shoots each year. It takes just a few months for a new bamboo shoot to reach its full height, and in three years it becomes timber ready for harvest. IBUKU takes great care to ensure that only the mature poles are harvested, creating an incentive for the farmers to allow the younger generations to grow to maturity for subsequent years’ harvests.

The Process06TREATMENT
In the past bamboo buildings were susceptible to termites and powder post Beetle infestations that would eat the bamboo. Our Bamboo is treated with a boron solution. It is a naturally occurring salt solution that renders the bamboo indigestible to insects. It has a toxicity just 1.5 times that of regular table salt. The solution is re-used in a closed-loop system.

The Process11DESIGN
We design on the land, for the land. Instead of conventional blueprints, we create scale structural models made of hand-whittled bamboo sticks.  These models are replicated in 3D line in the computer  for our engineers to study and confirm. The design process doesn’t end there.  Our architects and engineers follow the project in depth through completion to ensure structural integrity and longevity.

Since the early days of Green School’s construction. We have collaborated with teams of skilled bamboo craftsmen, many of whom are descended from generations of wood and stone carvers. We are proud to be continuing and evolving this age old tradition. Onsite, the craftsmen measure and replicate the bamboo model, building these structures almost entirely by hand.

The Process25FURNITURE
While the structure is in progress, our interior design team custom designs furniture and interiors for each home we build. Our craftsmen combine their traditional skills with modern carpentry techniques to produce our bamboo furniture. They transform poles of bamboo into floors, walls, baskets, railings, beds, chairs, kitchens, ceilings, stairs, and tables.

Key Projects_GS11BUILDINGS
What we are doing is reinventing the rules and standards of what a building can look like. These buildings are a testament to the power of bamboo and the possibilities of sustainable architecture.